Patient education is a core part of our mission at Bingham Dental & Orthodontics. Dr. Tab Bingham is an instructor at the University of Utah and values knowledge. A healthy mouth is key to a healthy body, and the more our patients know, the healthier they will be. We invite you to spend some time watching our video collection. If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit at our dental office in Magna, Utah, call 801-250-7422 and we will be happy to help you plan your appointment.

Dental Braces video
Types Of Braces video
Invisalign Clear Aligners Video


Dental Crowns video
Crown Lengthening Laser Video
Dentures video


Ear Pain video
Dental Fillings video
Gum Disease Periodontics video


Dental Implants video
Locked Jaw video
Neuromuscular Headaches video


Pediatric Brushing, Flossing, And Gum Care video
Pediatric Crowns video
Pediatric Extractions video


Pediatric Fillings video
Pediatric First Visit video
Pediatric Fluoride Treatment And Sealants video


Pediatric Pulpotomy video
Pediatric Sedation video
Dental Root Canals video


root canal retreatment video
Recare Appointments video
Sealants video


Sleep Apnea video
Home teeth whitening video
office teeth whitening video


TMJ disease video
Tooth Extraction video
dental veneers video


Wisdom Teeth video