Your first visit to the dentist can be a complicated time, and if you are bringing your children in for an appointment, you will definitely have your hands full! We maintain high standards at our office, but we also value our relaxed, easy atmosphere. We would like you to be able to relax when you come in for your appointment. To help you have the most positive experience possible at our office, our dentist, Dr. Tab Bingham, and our team have provided the following patient resources in Magna, Utah:

We hope that having access to these resources will help make your visit to Bingham Dental & Orthodontics as easy and as pleasant as possible. If you have questions, concerns or issues that we have not addressed, we will be happy to talk with you further. Call our office today at 801-250-7422 and a member of our team can answer all of your questions. And of course, that commitment extends to every part of your treatment and our practice. Your oral health and overall health are the main focuses of our practice, and part of that is making sure that you are comfortable with your treatment, both in and out of the chair.